Our refugee team celebrates World Refugee Day!

We are so grateful to our staff for providing exceptional care and creating a welcoming environment that helps families adjust to their new homes.

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Welcome To Our New 2021 Residents!

We are pleased to welcome an exceptional group of residents to our program.

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Hand washing video

The All Saints Family Health Center wants to help keep you and your family safe with our hand washing video.

Frequent handwashing and keeping a distance of six feet or more from others will help keep you and your family safe.

Our clinic remains open for phone and face to face visits as needed, please call before coming to the clinic 414-527-819.

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Yes, we do home visits!

Keeping our commitment to the community and our patient’s health includes doing home visits. Both our Residents and Community nurses are out in the community doing home visits and making a difference for our patients.

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You Achieved Target BP Gold Status

The All Saints Family Care Center is honored to announce that the American Heart Association and American Medical Association have recognized our practice for achieving 70% or greater blood pressure control among our patients.

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