Recognizing our Program Director, Sandy Olsen.

My father used to say that all the hard work is done by a few tired people.

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Check Out Our Video Encouraging Our Community To Get Vaccinated

Our medical team is always looking for new ways to keep our community healthy. We know how important getting the vaccine is to keeping our patients healthy, and we created a video encouraging our patients and community to get vaccinated.

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Hand washing video

The All Saints Family Health Center wants to help keep you and your family safe with our hand washing video.

Frequent handwashing and keeping a distance of six feet or more from others will help keep you and your family safe.

Our clinic remains open for phone and face to face visits as needed, please call before coming to the clinic 414-527-819.

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Covid-19 prevention tips video

Let’s all do our part to stay healthy and stop the spread!

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Family Care Center Family FAN Club

Family Care Center’s Family FAN (Fitness and Nutrition) Club offers a unique opportunity to improve health and wellness in a relaxed, fun and interactive way.

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