Hands on Sports Medicine on the court, on the stage, on the field and in the everyday life of patients.

Whether you are interested in a Sports Medicine track, DO or family practice, the experience you receive at All Saints will better prepare you to care for all of your patients.

Dr. Laura Gottschlich, Director of Sports Medicine at the All Saints Family Practice Residency Program, answered a few questions about the All Saints Sports Medicine Program.

What do you enjoy about being a faculty Dr. with a Sports Med focus?

“I really feel I fill a very important void. Musculoskeletal/sports medicine is a topic that is not focused on in medical school, though it is an incredibly common issue that presents in the office. If residents do not get good education in their program on these issues, then they will be woefully unprepared to meet a good portion of patients that will come to them. My goal is to make sure this does not happen. I want my residents to be comfortable handling whatever comes in their office door, and not just be a referral generator to orthopedics. I also want to share my passion to be in the mix of sporting events. All of my residents have access to multiple events throughout the year and have the opportunity to really get comfortable with sideline and training room care.”

What type of community and sports teams are you involved with in your practice?

“We have the opportunity to cover a wide range of high school and college sports – Football, Soccer, Basketball, volleyball, baseball, wrestling, hockey and many more. We also have opportunities with the Milwaukee ballet and mass events like the Milwaukee marathon and triathlon. If a resident has a specific interest that might not be as mainstream like hurling, curling, rugby etc, we work hard to get them hooked up with a club in Milwaukee.”

Thank you to Dr. Gottschlich for sharing her perspective and experience with our patients and our program.