Hands-on Sports Medicine on the court, on the stage, on the field, and in the everyday life of patients

Whether you are interested in a Sports Medicine track, DO, or family practice, the experience you receive at All Saints will better prepare you to care for all of your patients. Dr. Cher Chang, MD, a third-year resident at the All Saints Family Practice Residency Program, answered a few questions about the All Saints Sports Medicine Program.

Dr. Cher Chang, MD

Can you share how the All Saints program has supported your Sports Med focus?

Our residency has done so much to encourage and support our sports coverage and exposure through the COVID-19 pandemic. Our Sports Med faculty has reached out to the community, and we were able to cover some WIAA soccer tournaments as well as Hockey coverage. We also now have a faculty in our residency that is MSK US board-certified and able to go through different joints during your free time.


What do you enjoy about being a Dr. with a Sports Med focus?

I love the opportunity to diagnose, treat, and manage many injuries from start to finish in different age ranges. Not only do you get to treat world-class athletes, but you also get your 70-year-old patients with meniscal tears undergoing rehabilitation and physical therapy without surgery.


What type of community and sports teams are you involved with?

 We cover lots of different communities and sports. You are able to cover a high school training room and be their team physician for Milwaukee Lutheran High School. You also have opportunities to work with the Milwaukee Ballet and to work with the current sports medicine fellow to cover the Lakefront Marathon. There are also opportunities to cover a high school wrestling tournament and Hockey at Concordia University.

Dr. Cher Chang, MD