Health Management Services


Health Management Services

At the All Saints Family Medicine Residency, we are committed to training residents to be successful in the career path that interests them – being a hospitalist, working in an urgent care, outpatient clinic or academic medicine! Healthcare is constantly changing and tomorrows physician needs to be prepared for those changes – over your 3 years you will gain the knowledge and tools to be a leader in the healthcare community.

The Health Management Services curriculum includes a comprehensive one-month rotation, longitudinal didactics, a series of 2 day workshops during your second and third years, as well as opportunities to participate in our unique clinic initiatives for improving healthcare.


The month rotation includes topics:

  • Understanding salary formulas of dollars versus RVUs
  • Choosing the right job – interview tips, contract negotiation, contracts in general
  • Understanding malpractice insurance, disability insurance, “tails”, “noses”
  • Loan repayment
  • Physician well being


Longitudinal didactic topics include:

  • Understanding inpatient and outpatient medical coding
  • Understanding appropriate billing levels
  • Bioethics discussions


Unique clinic initiatives that you will have opportunities to participate in:

  • Residency department meetings
  • Chronic care management initiatives
  • Quality improvement initiatives
  • Your own quality improvement project that will be presented at the All Saints Scholarly Showcase