Our residents find new ways to make our refugee patients feel at home

Starting a new life in a new place is a challenge, especially for kids. We are so grateful to 2nd-year resident Dr. Charles Mitchell and Biluge Ntabala, one of our outreach coordinators, for organizing soccer nights for our refugee families. At All Saints, we focus on helping our patients not only with their health concerns but also by finding ways to help our patients live healthy lifestyles. Our residents are encouraged to think outside of typical health care services, and we are so grateful for their initiative and creativity in finding ways to connect with our patients. The soccer nights help our families meet others, make new friends, and build new communities while getting exercise and having fun.

Thank you to Dr. Mitchell and Biluge Ntabala and our entire team for everything you do for our refugee patients.

We are so grateful to our staff for providing exceptional care and creating a welcoming environment that help families adjust to their new homes.