Coming up soon!  We will be hosting virtual Q&A sessions with our current residents.  This will be a casual environment where you can learn more about our program, ask questions to our residents, and have them answered in live time.  The schedule will be as follows:


Session #1 – Osteopathic Q&A with faculty Denise Kohl, DO and resident Tyler Kolstad, DO

Thursday August 26th, 2021: 12:00pm – 1:00pm



Session #2 – PGY1 Q&A with our first-year residents

Thursday September 9th, 2021: 12:00pm – 1:00pm



Session #3 – PGY2 Q&A with our second-year residents

Thursday September 16th, 2021: 12:00pm – 1:00pm



Session #4 – PGY3 Q&A with our third-year residents

Thursday September 23rd, 2021: 12:00pm – 1:00pm




If you are interested in joining us for any of the above sessions, please email Jessica Jastrow at and we will send you a link to participate.


We encourage you to come and bring all your great questions!




Osteopathic Q&A Session 

with Dr. Aubrey Riefe








PGY1 Q&A Session

with Drs. Wallis Edwards, Tom Kerndt, Charles Mitchell and Yelena Planic









Faculty Q&A Session

with Drs. Gottschlich, Johnston and Damitz








PGY3 Q&A Session

with Drs. Andrew Kikuta, Patrick Kurt, Lindsay LeBlanc and Sanil Gulati






Faculty Q&A Session

with Drs. McKinney, Bernstein and Brusky







PGY2 Q&A Session

with Drs. Tom Puffett, Chris Sue, Maggie Walsh, Jaya Palaniappan, and Cher Chang