Join us for our All Saints Residency Question and Answer Sessions.

Beginning in August 2020 and running through fall, the All Saints Family Medicine Residency will be conducting Question and Answer Sessions with prospective residents who are considering our program.

Our faculty and residents will conduct the sessions. Please join us for these informative sessions.




Osteopathic Q&A Session 

with Dr. Aubrey Riefe








PGY1 Q&A Session

with Drs. Wallis Edwards, Tom Kerndt, Charles Mitchell and Yelena Planic









Faculty Q&A Session

with Drs. Gottschlich, Johnston and Damitz








PGY3 Q&A Session

with Drs. Andrew Kikuta, Patrick Kurt, Lindsay LeBlanc and Sanil Gulati






Faculty Q&A Session

with Drs. McKinney, Bernstein and Brusky







PGY2 Q&A Session

with Drs. Tom Puffett, Chris Sue, Maggie Walsh, Jaya Palaniappan, and Cher Chang