Community Medicine

Community Medicine is a highlight of our residency program. Our residents have found that their experiences with the community remain some of the most impactful moments in their educational journey. Community responsive healthcare and service to the community are important parts of patient care and resident education at All Saints Family Medicine Residency Program. Our award-winning community medicine program is thriving and successful. A full-time community nurse allows our program to continue to grow. As part of your residency education, you will have the opportunity to participate in existing community medicine programs throughout your three years with us, as well as have the opportunity to use your skills and interests to create new programs.

Some of our Community medicine programs include:

• Routine home visits for complicated patients
• Teen maternity care program including classes, incentives, and the support of a healthcare team
• Weekly “Ask the Doctor” program at our elementary school program
• Collaborations with local churches for screening and educational talks
• Diabetic nutrition education
• Immunization projects
• Community Care for the Elderly
• Books are for Families Program
• Shop N’ Learn (an onsite grocery store experience)
• F.A.N. Club – school-based program focused on healthy eating and exercise
• STD talks and health classes at local high schools
• “Book Buddy” program with kindergarteners
• Free Smoking Cessation monthly groups
• Eagle’s Nest program for senior citizens at nearby housing with information health chats
• Strengthening our community focus by offering a monthly legal bus


Community Farm


Our commitment to community health extends to growing fresh produce. We know that the foods we eat have a significant effect on our health, and having access to fresh fruit and vegetables is a challenge for our community. We planted the seeds of an idea to create a community garden several years ago, and every year we have expanded our garden. With the addition of a greenhouse and shed and a greatly expanded planting area, our garden has become a farm producing an ever-expanding volume and variety of freshly grown food.

The produce from our garden provides food for our patients and supplies fresh food for our farmer’s market, which is held on the grounds of our clinic.

The farm is self-sustaining, and each summer, we employ young people from our community to work on the farm. These young people take with them the skills to grow their own food, and they also learn about healthy eating and cooking in our teaching kitchen.

We are very thankful for Pastor Dan from Mount Calvary Church, who leads and manages our organic farm. It is through his hard work and commitment that our farm continues to grow and thrive.