Integrative Medicine


Integrative Medicine

All residents at the All Saints Family Medicine Residency Program have the opportunity to work as part of the integrated team partnering with our licensed psychologists.  Integrative Medicine is a vital component in patient-centered medical homes.  Many chronic illnesses such as hypertension, diabetes, obesity, and cardiovascular disease are aggravated by poor health habits.  Primary care providers need support and resources to screen and treat individuals with behavioral needs.  Integrative Medicine is the systematic coordination of general and behavioral healthcare.  This model allows for shared responsibility of patient care.  In addition, we are unique in that all clinic can provide these services to both adults and children.


Curricular Components

  • Formal rotations in behavioral health and integrative medicine
  • Screening and treatment for psychological problems, such as anxiety, depression, and PTSD/trauma exposure
  • Assessment of substance use disorders and techniques for risk reduction
  • Understand psychological and social components of physical illness, both acute and chronic
  • Identify factors impacting health status such as stress, non adherence, health behaviors, social support and barriers
  • Provide care management focusing on patient education and empowerment, ongoing monitoring, care/provider coordination
  • Use evidence based treatments such as effective medication management and effective psychotherapy techniques
  • Engage in systematic diagnosis and outcome tracking
  • Learn principled negotiating and motivational interviewing skills
  • Research opportunities


Clinic Activities

  • Integrated psychoeducational group visits for patients with pain, diabetes, hypertension & asthma
  • Use of effective “warm hand-off’s”
  • Solution focused psychotherapy
  • Traditional styles of psychological assessment and trauma intervention