OB Group Visit Toolkit

OB-introResearch has shown that delivering education in a group setting can be efficient, cost effective, and fun. When caring for pregnant patients, common topics of information need to be shared with all pregnant patients. Why not spend one hour discussing the importance of folic acid with 15 patients rather than spending 10 minutes each with 15 patients? Spending 60 minutes vs 150 minutes!

Our clinic wanted to explore the idea of delivering educational information in an informal setting with our pregnant patients. In November 2010 we invited a focus group of our pregnant patients to discuss this idea and to create a dialogue about the possible logistics of such a program. We conducted another focus group in December of 2010 and combined the information we gained from both groups to create our “OB Group Visit” program. We kicked off the program in January 2011 and have had a monthly OB group visit ever since.

We have found that our patients value this experience – they even return after they deliver. Our staff enjoys the program and has found that it is a great way for our family medicine residents to learn how to engage with the community. We have conducted various research studies that have been presented at national medical conferences.

This toolkit is meant to be a guide to help others consider and develop their own obstetrical group visits.

Our OB group visit program has been supported by the Medical College of Wisconsin Department of Family and Community Medicine, Wheaton Franciscan Healthcare, the Zeta Phi Beta Sorority, the Healthier Wisconsin Partnership Program grant.

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