Recognizing our Program Director, Sandy Olsen.

This past month, the entire All Saints team recognized Sandy Olsen, Program Director for the clinic.

Sandy is not a person who seeks recognition. She simply and tirelessly looks for ways to improve the health and lives of the people around her.

Through her many years of work with the program, Sandy has created a long list of innovative programs that impact patients and the local community. This has made the All Saints program a truly unique and community-centered health resource. Sandy also supports all of the staff members who make up the caring team of professionals at All Saints. Sandy is one of those people who genuinely care about other people, and she is always looking for new ways to improve lives and take care of people.

Thank you, Sandy, for all you do!

I am honored to call Sandy my sister, and I am so grateful to the All Saints family for recognizing her hard work and contributions over the years!