Our Residents


Cher Chang, MD


Wausau, Wisconsin

Enjoys sports and fitness and outdoor activities

Sameen Kinza, MD


Chicago, Illinois

Enjoys swimming, tennis, baking


Jaya Palaniappan, MD


Toronto, Ontario

Enjoys glass art, gardening, swimming

Thomas Puffett, MD


Lusaka, Zambia

Enjoys scuba diving, hiking, rugby, fishing


Christopher Sue, MD


Toronto, Ontario

Enjoys basketball, badminton, traveling, hiking

Maggie Walsh, MD


Conception Harbour, Newfoundland

Enjoys golf, karaoke, any outdoor activities




Wallis Edwards, MD


Toronto, Ontario

Enjoys going to museums, the beach and traveling.


Alyssa Fairservice, MD


Schreiber, Ontario, Canada

qX5VaEKra9Rnhockey, snowboarding, swimming


Jerry John, MD


Brampton, Ontario, Canada

Enjoys board games, hiking, Sci-Fi novels and shows

Tom Kerndt, MD


Lansing, Iowa

Enjoys outdoor activities, live music and traveling


Charles Mitchell, MD


Chattanooga, Tennessee

Enjoys NBA basketball, spending time with my wife, family and playing sports. I am also a foodie.

Yelena Planic, MD


Brookfield, Wisconsin

Enjoys spending time with my family, working out, watching moving and eating a good cheeseburger



Sabrina Ali, MD


New York, NY

Austin Greenwood, MD


De Pere, WI


Eartha Zoe Taylor, DO


Madison, WI

Enjoys weight lifting, hiking, camping, and crocheting

Tyler Kolstad, DO


Spencer, WI


Michael Massei, MD


Thunder Bay, ON, Canada

Nara Park, MD


Honolulu, HI